19 July 2018

Coffee in Vienna

Day 16 & 17

Vienna! We dropped off our things at the apartment and headed out for the evening.

 It was already quite late, so we paid a visit to the Schloss Belvedere before having dinner nearby.

Unbeknownst to us, it was a holiday, so we ended up at one of the only places open - a Greek restaurant by the name of Art Corner. The food was much-improved over yesterday's meal, and I had another local soda by the name of Almdudler.

When we were leaving the establishment, I turned around to say goodbye to our waiter, and fell straight down the stairs into the front door. Thankfully I only bruised my ego (and tweaked my ankle a little further).

The second day in Vienna saw us heading to a local bakery and filling our bags with goodies for breakfast.

Schloss Schönbrunn. There were so many people here, that we decided to walk the perimeter and leave, as one member of the party was feeling a bit grouchy.

We visited the Sigmund Freud Museum, got a lunch of kebab and Almdudler at a street cart, and  then made a stop at St. Stephen's Cathedral.

We had dinner at Café Prückel, where I was promised the most amazing iced coffee. While delicious, nothing yet compared to the latte in Den Haag.

We separated once again for symphony vs. non-symphony. The train took us back to our apartment where we capped the night with a cup of tea.

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