10 June 2019

Before the mercury rises

It's almost officially summer, but the weather seems to be stuck in springtime. Rainy days, cooler weather, thicker sweaters, and then sudden bursts of sunshine and heat have categorized the last couple of weeks.

Smoothie weather again! After my smoothie craze a few years ago, it has finally returned and I've been faithfully having one (or two) a day until the temperature hit new lows and I had to temporarily retreat back to whisking hot tea lattes.

I've gotten into a sudden crafting spree, spurred by Dan's acquisition of air-dry clay that led me to buying more acrylics and painting for the first time since nearly ten years ago - save the occasional paint nights. I've never seriously studied art, just a few high school classes, so while lacking in technique, I make up for with passionate bursts of energy. I 'finished' two pieces in about three hours apiece, but as usual, my satisfaction level with hasn't hit the threshold of being able to call them complete. Extra points if you can guess where I got my inspiration from!

We've also made a bunch of clay pins, sorry to Milkis and Banana Milk, you were gone too soon. I've also acquired two new pins from the creator of my favourite pin - I'm running out of jacket space once again.

Someone's left to the other side of the world, and we had a lot of cake to bid farewell. Safe adventures!

Taking advantage of a rare moment with a vehicle, I took Tofu on a hiking and picnic adventure. More to come on that soon!

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