27 October 2018

Shades of blue

When we were kids, a common question to ask one another was, "what is your favourite colour?"
A common answer I received was, "blue". More than half the responses were usually blue, and rarely specific to the type of blue. Blue like the sky on a sunny day? Turquoise blue like the brilliant waters of the Bahamas? Dusty blue like the stormy seas?

I never really warmed up to the colour blue. Maybe because it was associated with sadness, but I never understood its appeal to so many. Blue was everywhere! Didn't people tire of seeing it?
Feeling blue is a different story. While there are often periods of high highs and low lows, I often find myself in different stages of blue during the recovery. Fiery red, sometimes a dash of black, and then dark, stormy blue, and then waves of dusty blue, mellow blue, and a slow upward ascent into a warm, aquamarine blue.

I try to tell myself not to feel blue, but realistically, one cannot stay at the peak forever. You must come down and when you do, you look back at the peak and feel blue. But know that there are other peaks, and the waves of happiness will flow through once again.

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